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‘Everyone at my high school was such a delightful weirdo that you weren’t an outcast for that type of behaviour.People still come up to me [to talk about the film], probably more than for anything else I’ve done.’The role of Virginia Johnson marked a huge change of pace from all those snarky, sassy roles, with Lizzy giving Johnson a vulnerability and core strength that one suspects isn’t a million miles away from her own personality.The saucy treat, labelled up as an Adults Meal, is served inside a moody, purple box, which includes the toy and two burgers, two fries and two beers Having possibly taken inspiration from Mc Donald's' famous Happy Meal, the fast food outlet has given it an adult make-over.The campaign appears to be aimed at those looking to make last-minute Valentine's Day dinner plans.But, I tend to be ruthless in that arena,' said Lizzy Caplan As Virginia Johnson – one half of the pioneering sex research couple Masters and Johnson, alongside Michael’s Dr William Masters – Lizzy had to unbutton her blouse, remove her bra and place Michael’s hand on her naked breast.

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