Cam2cam without register

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Some do it for attention, some for companionship and others for money, but it appears that everyone in the area uses Cam2Cam.

Logging on, Allie becomes interested, but learns of a string of murders committed by a video chatting stalker who would find woman through Cam2Cam and chop their heads off, one of which was staying in Allie’s current room.

Uncertain, she begins to believe the killer is still on the loose, and finds herself in a growing state of paranoia – but is she really the next victim, or just fearful of her current locale?

sets itself in a world of hackers and internet deviants who are overblown embellishments of what writers Marie Gautier and Davy Sihali believe online culture to currently be – or what they’ve seen on TV, at least. Continu.” Again, I can decipher “l337” talk screamed by angry pre-pubescent gamers, the lowliest of tech lingo, yet I’ve never read anything nearly as nonsensical as Cam2Cam chat.

That includes the male cams and the trannies, but the majority are females.Tammin Sursok is the only presence worthy of making an impression, guiding us through twisted connections via Cam2Cam, but her co-stars never stand a chance beyond being floppy red-herrings without personality.I had trouble enjoying Sarah Bonrepaux’s turn as Sursok’s salacious new friend, spouting such throwaway comments like describing her idea for “Assbook,” you know, like “Facebook, but with dog’s asses…” – um, come again? ” out of her thick accent made me cringe a bit, which never quite made me confident in director Joel Soisson’s decisions.Age, hair color, mother’s maiden name, college GPA; it’s all accessible to the right people – including your current location.Movies like ), and unfortunately it’s also the most disappointing, like a chatroom hottie who won’t even spill her a/s/l.

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