Charlyne yi and michael cera dating

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Some of it is just candid interviews with ordinary people."It's really terrifying," Yi said of the filmmaking experience."People were entrusting us with this money, and we set out to make this film — we've never made a documentary, we've never made a film, I don't know how to act, I don't know how to talk to people, so we were learning all these things as we went."Yi has braved the tough world of standup, earning the support of comedian Bill Hader and had a role as the giddy roommate in showed her she loved filmmaking, but she has as many doubts about that as she does about relationships."I'd always wanted to make films," she said. After Ru Paul mentioned that he was a fan of Scott Pilgrim vs.

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Michael Cera is recognized for his appearances in such films, as "Year One", and "Juno".

Some of his upcoming projects include Captain Dad, Very little is known about Cera’s dating life.

Currently, there is no information about who his girlfriend is, which could mean that the actor is single. Take a look at Michael Cera’s dating timeline to learn more about who the actor has dated.

He can next be seen starring in comedy movie "Arrested Development".

Charlyne Yi, meanwhile, is known as a performance artist, musician, writer, painter, and an occasional actress.

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