Cheap dating tip

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There are a few signs and behaviors that might lead you to come to conclude that your man's "inner voice" is telling him to be cheap.If you often hear phrases such as "I'm sorry, I left my wallet at home" or "Oh, I'll get the bill next time we see a flick," your man's cheap nature may be showing through.Try doing this picnic by the lawn at Arboretum or Holmes-Foster Park.At some point, you’ll realize you have a serious Creamery addiction. I promise they’ll appreciate it way more than it coming from a store.

You can never go wrong with a picnic at your local park.

However, you notice your man chooses to leave a less-than-appropriate tip after you had the perfect meal at your favorite restaurant in town -- the reservations were honored, your food was to die for and the server was attentive and pleasant.

With no reason to short-change the server, his cheap nature may be the driving force behind this behavior.

You finally found a Penn State cutie that rocks the blue and white better than anyone else on campus.

Forget about the Applebee’s two for deal for your first date.

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