Friend dating russian girl

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We are known for our loyalty and our compassion to our friends, family, and in this case, boyfriends.Whether it might be learning how to say thank you (spasibo!According to her point of view, a man should pay because it is him who wants the woman.She points out that it’s better when a man’s feelings are stronger than the girl’s.If you're lucky enough to meet her parents, you'll love them almost as much as your girlfriend.Russian parents will accept you as your own which will ultimately lead to feeding you all the time..literally all the time.It's also totally socially acceptable to drink loads of alcohol at family functions, even expected.It's been ingrained into our heads by our mothers and grandmothers, that we should always look good.

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Even if you're just stepping in for a moment, we will offer you food. Sometimes we may come off as crass or rude, but we were just raised to speak our minds.

), or learning about the culture in general, it's awesome to date someone who's different from you and the relationship becomes a learning experience.

You can't whistle inside the house because you'll have no money. it's basically cured herring fish under layers of mayo, potatoes, carrots and beets. If you ask us for an opinion, prepare yourself for a blunt response.

She states that a man is a conqueror and a provider.

She even describes how a woman is supposed to behave.

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