Invalidating environment borderline personality

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yet the answer is “what’s the big deal” Yet if you come in second, it’s the end of the world “why couldn’t you try harder, why are you so incompetent, such a loser, such an idiot” Here’s a classic one: you’re clearly upset, and you start crying or throwing a fit… Do you even know that you and everyone else has emotions? and the classical response is “shame on you for making me look bad… Given that you have no idea that you’re allowed to feel, how are you supposed to know how to regulate…? you either hide it, or you hide it and burry it till it explodes, and when it does, it’s full of fireworks (not in a good sense 😛 Given that you have no clue what emotions are, or what you feel, given that you have no idea how to regulate, how could you know how to control yourself? Say you’re three years old, you finally learned how to say “I want” and you want to practice it..but your parents tell you that it doesn’t matter what you want, that you shouldn’t want that because it’s’re small and they as adults are the only ones that know what’s right.children don’t have a say, they shouldn’t be anything but happy” Ok…

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Summary The presence of a high physical sensitivity to emotions and difficulty modulating emotions predisposes people to Borderline Personality Disorder.Emotional Modulation Problems Difficulty modulating emotions is the second biological cause of Borderline Personality.Difficulty modulating emotions means: There is no single cause for these two biological, predispositions for Borderline Personality.” When you are upset because someone didn’t want to play with you, the response is “well, you deserve it, you shouldn’t trust others, and don’t be upset, there’s no reason to be upset, you shouldn’t be upset” You’re sad because your friend couldn’t come to your house to play.The response you get is “there’s no need to be sad, that’s stupid, you’ll see him/her next time.

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