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Here are some techniques for reducing the number of HTTP requests, while still supporting rich page designs.

Combined files are a way to reduce the number of HTTP requests by combining all scripts into a single script, and similarly combining all CSS into a single stylesheet.

Defining the coordinates of image maps can be tedious and error prone.

Using image maps for navigation is not accessible too, so it's not recommended.

The server selected for delivering content to a specific user is typically based on a measure of network proximity.

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Remember that 80-90% of the end-user response time is spent downloading all the components in the page: images, stylesheets, scripts, Flash, etc. Rather than starting with the difficult task of redesigning your application architecture, it's better to first disperse your static content.Inline images use the URL scheme to embed the image data in the actual page. Combining inline images into your (cached) stylesheets is a way to reduce HTTP requests and avoid increasing the size of your pages.Inline images are not yet supported across all major browsers.This not only achieves a bigger reduction in response times, but it's easier thanks to content delivery networks.A content delivery network (CDN) is a collection of web servers distributed across multiple locations to deliver content more efficiently to users.

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