Sissy boy dating sites

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You are going to exercise certain parts of your body to make your body look sexy. You are going to change your diet and increase consumption of estrogen rich foods.You will be turned into a cock craving jizz swallowing raving sissy whore at the very least, and I guarantee it 🙂 I have received several emails from closet sissies begging to be turned into real sissy whores.I enjoy receiving these emails it gets me off to know you want to become a dirty little sissy girl.To assure you of my credentials in achieving success, I must tell you that I have mentored men in the art of becoming bimbo sluts with the power to seduce anyone they please.I have done this successfully online for over 5 years. Everything you know now will fall away, you will become a sissy slut, a bimbo, a whore to be used for more than one real man’s sexual gratification.

You were never a real man, everyone knows it, You want to be slut in chastity… Such a special girl because once you graduate, you will be free to suck, fuck and swallow cock all you want and never become pregnant. I have decided to release the training in a series of pages for each of the most important steps.

Update August 2015: I am not available for personal attention at the moment.

Too many people have contacted me wanting to become better sissies.

Most sissies want to have the rush of being dressed and masterbating their dicks red raw, but after pumping out a gob of spunk they return to squeamish loser boys. However, I am tempted to create The Sissy Hypnosis Club through the virtual reality game Second Life, so everyone can remain anonymous and protect their identities and help each other without having to do the hard work of really turning into a femboy, shemale, tranny, sissy slut whore in real life. There are a lot of boys who have girly avatars in Second Life and why shouldn’t you.

Most don’t even want to swallow their own cumload, I don’t know why they don’t lap it up, its tasty. Millions of different styles of outfits, shoes, jewelry can be purchased to satisfy even the most discreet sissy girly girl.

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